Village Sound Studio

Music is the First and Final Word!

Seattle Music Studio

Music is what we’re all about. Music is what comes first and stays in top priority here at Village Sound Studio. We believe that every sound, every note of every voice or instrument should serve the song. If it doesn’t serve the song, it’s detracting from the song and it doesn’t belong.

Music is honest. Music should be authentic. Great music does not need or benefit from extravagant flourishes and show-off musicianship. Great music comes when the production values enhance the very heartbeat of the music. When the emotion and message of the lyric are echoed in the supporting instrumentation.

Music is organic. Music emanates from nature... from the song of the birds, the harmony of wind through the branches and from the deepest emotion and rhythmic pulsing of your heart. Complementing nature is best done organically... with real instruments. Vibrating strings, resonating wood, the flowing of air through reeds.

Music is magic. Nothing impacts and influences the human experience like music does. Magic like this deserves reverence, the respect of those to whom it is entrusted. This reverence is manifest in the honest and thoughtful expression of song through performance and recording.

Music is us. It is why we at Village Sound Studio are on this planet. We have accepted the very cherished responsibility of our calling with both humility and confidence. We will serve your music in the most honest, organic and magical way possible. The result is guaranteed to convey the very passion, pain and promise that best expresses you. It is, after all, your music.