The Acoustic Music Recording Studio


Great Sound, Honestly!

        In a modern world so burdened by hyperbole and spin, it is not unexpected that many would seek refuge in the art and pleasure of music... music that can soothe, inspire and comfort.

    But in many cases even this refuge has been breeched, succumbing to the hype and spin of over-produced, over-affected, dynamically sparse and lyrically unpleasant sounds.

    At Village Sound Studio, we believe that the best sounds are honest sounds... sounds that are so confident, they need no hype, sounds that support the artist’s vision by lending their organic truthfulness to the wholeness of the artist’s expression.

    Every instrument and every voice contains a vast wealth of audible nuance and texture, and it is in these nuances that the uniqueness of each voice or instrument dwells. It is also where magic happens.

    We believe that given the right environment and nurturing, this magic can be captured and recorded for others to share. That’s where we come in. We encourage the honesty, we capture the magic!


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