Village Sound Studio

Great Sound, Honestly!

A relaxed, rural recording studio minutes from Seattle.

Recording music is a passion for us, not just a job. Choosing the right recording studio and recording engineer is important. So why choose us?

Seattle Music Studio

As musicians ourselves, we can help to bring out the best quality of your music. We know how to choose and place just the right microphone, how to make the most of room acoustics and how to blend and mix all of the elements together into a pleasing whole. As your partner in the recording process we will create a stress-free environment so you can settle into your art.

At Village Sound Studio, we believe that the best sounds are honest sounds... sounds that are so confident, they need no hype, sounds that support the artist’s vision by lending their organic truthfulness to the wholeness of the artist’s expression.

Village Sound Studio

Every instrument and every voice contains a vast wealth of audible nuance and texture, and it is in these nuances that the uniqueness of each voice or instrument dwells. It is also where magic happens.

We believe that given the right environment and nurturing, this magic can be captured and recorded for others to share. That’s where we come in. We encourage the honesty, we capture the magic!