Village Sound Studio

The Little Studio That Could...

Audio recording studio with just the right sound

Studio Big Room

When people first walk into the “live” room here at Village Sound Studio, itʼs not uncommon for them to turn and comment “Wow, this room sounds really good!”. Many will comment after a session that they really like the space. Itʼs warm, non-intimidating, intimate and well-engineered. Good sound and good atmosphere equate to good studio recording!

Small size means small overhead and that means great value for our customers. Compared to other Puget Sound / Seattle recording studios, Village Sound Studio represents an opportunity for great savings on your next recording project.

When we opened our doors back in ’00, we were just a tiny little hole in the wall. Today, after several expansion projects, we’re a bigger hole in the wall... but still just a hole in the wall compared to some of the “big boys”.

But our ‘hole in the wall’ includes a modern equipped control room, two isolation booths and a live room. What we DO with this space... well, you’ll just have to find out!

Bunch of Mics Studio Floor Plan