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At this rate you won’t sing the blues...

The recording studio that will bust its butt, not your budget

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We know how tight a recording budget can be. We know that most musicians live from gig to gig with little room for extras.

That’s why we work hard to make the process go as smoothly and fairly as possible. We won’t waste your time in the studio... we know our equipment and how to get the most out of it in short order.

We will hold a no-charge pre-session conference with you so we can plan out each session to optimize your time in the studio. If necessary we will offer cost-saving suggestions to help you hold the line on expenses.

We feel it’s fair to base our hourly rate on the size of the project, charging less per hour for larger projects.

Like this:

All rates apply in quarter-hour increments and include studio time and engineering. Additional charges may apply for extra services and/or materials.